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Are you tired of lengthy review cycles just to whitelist user IDs? Do you get frustrated by pull requests getting stalled because other teams are not ready? With Tggl's feature flags, you can merge code faster and delegate release management to your product team.

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Best practicesShip code faster

Tggl lets you ship better code faster, all while ensuring confidence in your changes. With feature flags, you can merge code early and safely test in production.

Trunk based development

Smaller changes,
more often

Tggl lets you deploy code multiple times a day. Embrace trunk-based development with Tggl and enable your team to iterate faster and make continuous delivery a reality. No more outdated branches and constant rebase of monolithic pull requests. Instead, merge your code early behind a flag and avoid painful merge conflicts with stale branches.

Decouple release cycles from development cycles

Deploy now,
release later

You should not have to time your deployments based on other teams’ schedules. Deploy code when it is ready and give your product team the key to safely manage the release process from the Tggl dashboard. Free up your mind to focus on what matters.

Learn more about release management
Delegate feature configuration adjustments

Delegate configuration adjustments

Writing a pull request that needs to be peer-reviewed and deployed simply to add an ID to a hard-coded list is a waste of time and money. Remove these temporary configurations from your code and let the concerned teams manage them on their own. With remote config, you save time and focus your energy on shipping high-quality code.

Tired of building backoffice?

ReliabilityImprove reliability

Safely test in production using feature flags

Safely test in production

Test in production without impacting users. Safely enable a feature for a select group of beta-testers through the Tggl dashboard and progressively roll out to a wider audience as confidence grows.

Pull the plug at any time: if bugs arises or your infrastructure cannot handle the load, you have the power to instantly turn off the feature with no slow deployment cycle.

Beta testing and canary releases
Make technology migration safer

Make risky migrations safer

Instead of migrating every user at once to a new service, use our built-in traffic allocation to slowly migrate from one service to another and control the rate at which users are transferred to the new service.

Test your features under increasingly heavy loads and make sure your application can scale before releasing to everyone.

Zero down-time migrations

PerformanceDon’t compromise on performance

Tggl is optimized for mobile devices, backends, and edge functions. You can get all the benefits of feature flags with no compromise on response time and interactivity.

A single API call

A single API call

Tggl requires just one API call at the start of a session to retrieve all flags for a user. Your code then simply checks the initial response.

Small payload

Tiny payload (<1kb)

Unlike other providers, Tggl's API responses are optimized for mobile devices with slow connexions.

Resilient by design

Resilient by design

Tggl ensures your app will never crash due to feature flags. In case of service disruption or network errors, it will simply fall back to a safe state.

Server-side evaluation

Server-side evaluation

Cache the configuration on your backend or use our proxy to locally evaluate flags for each user with no API calls and no overhead on your HTTP responses.

Runs on the edge

Runs on the edge

Evaluate flags directly on the edge with no API calls and serve customized pages that don’t blink when loaded.

Privacy first

Privacy first

Use the Tggl proxy and make sure your data never leaves your infrastructure. Host it close to your end user for even better performance.

Safeguard your app with custom conditions

Prevent anyone from mis-configuring a flag and breaking your app. Define strict rules on what can be changed, and which values are allowed.

Empower product and marketing teams to experiment within safe boundaries set by your engineering team.

Feature flag conditions based on plan type

What our clients have to say about us

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We chose Tggl as part of our strategy to improve our release process and reliability as we grow. We were using config files and database values as a homemade solution, and the switch to Tggl was surprisingly swift and their technical support very responsive. It has streamlined our release process pretty much instantly and has become our go-to tool for pure technical work like smooth technology migrations and kill switches. It is now an integral part of our workflow.
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Brice Flaceliere profile pictureBrice Flaceliere, Staff software engineer @Sellsy

SetupQuick and easy to setup

  • Install the Tggl SDK

    Tggl supports many languages and frameworks, install the right SDK for your stack and get started in less than 3 minutes.

  • Add an if statement

    Simply insert an if statement in your code, referencing the flag's ID to control whether the feature is shown or hidden.

  • Control the condition from Tggl

    Through our user-friendly dashboard, non-technical teams can easily adjust flag conditions, instantly impacting your app without requiring code deployment.

Type safety

Tggl comes with a type generator that automatically syncs your code and your dashboard to prevent typos and errors.

Get autocomplete right from your IDE, prevent run-time errors with type checks, and find flag references across your entire code when it’s time to remove a flag.

Type autocomplete in typescript

We value privacy and security

GRPR compliant

GDPR compliant

Tggl's robust data handling practices ensure GDPR compliance, safeguarding user privacy and data security.

Data stored in EU

Data stored in EU

Tggl securely stores data within the European Union, adhering to stringent data protection standards and regulations.

Your data dont reach our servers

Your data never reaches our servers

Use the open source Tggl proxy on your own infrastructure to ensure that your data never leaves your servers.

Two-factors authentification

Two-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to greatly improve your security posture on Tggl!

Custom roles

Custom roles

Assign granular access permissions to ensure the right people have the right access.

Feature flags history

Flag history

Precisely track what changes were made, who made them, and easily rollback to a previous configuration.

Get started in 3 minutes

You can start experimenting with Tggl for free and get your first results in 3 minutes. It even comes with a great documentation, and SDKs for your favourite language!

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