Tggl vs FlagsmithWhy Tggl is the best alternative to Flagsmith?

Product and Tech teams say the user-friendly interface and the competitive pricing of Tggl makes it the best Flagsmith alternative to manage releases, ship high-quality products and improve metrics with data.

Tggl & Flagsmith comparaison


Platform access

Pricing (5 seats)
$2 400/yr
Open source
SDKs, engine, and proxy
Very limited features
Unlimited seats
Enterprise plan
For product and tech


Unlimited feature flags & environments
Unlimited Monthly Active Users


Progressive rollout
Kill switch
A/B testing
From $540/yr
From $540/yr
Custom roles and teams
From $2 400/yr
Audit logs
From $2 400/yr
Advanced traffic splitting

Ease of useFlagsmith is not user firendly

Tggl provides a significantly improved user experience when it comes to flag editing compared to Flagsmith, particularly for individuals who may not have a technical background. Here is a direct comparison of the process for rolling out a feature to 20% of users in France.

See for yourself
Tggl Demo
Flagsmith Demo

PricingFlagsmith is much more expensive

Although the self-hosted version of Flagsmith may seem attractive, it includes just one seat, one project, and lacks essential features like flag scheduling. This limitation will quickly force you to upgrade to the paid plan, which begins at €2,400 per year. In contrast, Tggl`'s pricing starts at a more affordable €180 per year and offers a more scalable and comfortable growth path for your needs.

Top featuresWhy users love Tggl

Key Tggl features make it the best alternative to LaunchDarkly and provides the best user experience for Tech/Non-tech collaboration.

Progressive and scheduled releases

Progressive rollouts, precision beta testing, strategic scheduled releases, and seamless integration for flawless deployments and enhanced user satisfaction.

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Non-techs can easily run experiments

Powerful segmentation, multivariate testing, and seamless integration with existing Analytics tools to improve metrics and achieve goals faster

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Your app can be controlled instantly

Instant behavior shaping, controlled adjustments, personalization, and seamless integration for unparalleled app evolution and user experience enhancement.

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Tggl is not just for developers

Unlike LaunchDarkly, Tggl was built for product-tech collaboration. Built a more cohesive team with more efficient processes.

Tggl for product teams

Get started in 3 minutes

You can start experimenting with Tggl for free and get your first results in 3 minutes. It even comes with a great documentation, and SDKs for your favourite language!

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What our clients have to say about us

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Tggl has allowed our product team to be completely autonomous regarding releases and work in a way that actually makes sense. It has drastically improved our ability to test and iterate on new features and has made our product more reliable and stable. Our collaboration with developers is much smoother now.
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Simon Guigue profile pictureSimon Guigue, Head of Product & Design @Stoïk