Kill switchesAim for perfection,
prepare for failure

Software development is hard, it involves many moving parts, and when one thing goes wrong it can have cascading effects on your app. Kill switches allow you to safely move forward with the ability to instantly disable features that cause issues.

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A better way to handle problems

Graceful failure

Fail gracefully

You have the best engineers, and the question is not “Will it break?”, because it will eventually, but “When?”. And when it does the only goal is to minimize the impact on customers. Kill switches allow you to purposely disable non-vital parts of your application and offer a degraded service that still runs rather than being completely down.

Rollback in one click

Rollback in one click

Something is not behaving as expected? Simply disable the feature right from the Tggl interface and stop issues from escalating. Quickly rollback without a lengthy deployment cycle.

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Don’t let third-party providers bring you down

Electronic signatures, logging, payments… Third-party party providers are an essential part of your applications that usually sit on the critical path for your users. When one goes down it is completely out of your control, the only thing you can do is act quickly. Tggl lets you instantly pull the plug, with no deployment cycles needed, in times where it matters.

Build failure-tolerant systems

The kill switch or circuit breakers pattern lets you safely build systems that can respond to failure in a user-friendly way rather than bringing your entire application down. This greatly reduces the pressure on your team, giving them more time and focus to solve urgent problems.

We value privacy and security

GRPR compliant

GDPR compliant

Tggl's robust data handling practices ensure GDPR compliance, safeguarding user privacy and data security.

Data stored in EU

Data stored in EU

Tggl securely stores data within the European Union, adhering to stringent data protection standards and regulations.

Your data dont reach our servers

Your data never reaches our servers

Use the open source Tggl proxy on your own infrastructure to ensure that your data never leaves your servers.

Two-factors authentification

Two-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to greatly improve your security posture on Tggl!

Custom roles

Custom roles

Assign granular access permissions to ensure the right people have the right access.

Feature flags history

Flag history

Precisely track what changes were made, who made them, and easily rollback to a previous configuration.

Take control over your release process

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