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Tggl lets you efficiently manage your releases and drastically accelerate development cycles that are traditionally slowed down by the App Store review process and users not updating their apps.

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Release managementThe best way to manage mobile apps releases

Bypass the App Store review process

Hack the App Store review process

With Tggl you can skip the App Store review cycles that usually take days or weeks, and release features in seconds. Because updating a flag does not require any code changes, your users are instantly impacted.

Enable a feature for all users instantly

Users don't need to update their app

You cannot control when users update their apps, but with Tggl you deploy code early and control releases. Instantly impact all users without waiting for them to update their app.

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Manage legacy versions of your app

Safely introduce breaking changes if needed. Tggl lets you control your app remotely and target specific app versions. You can disable features or display messages to users who still run a legacy version for which you dropped support.

Progressive rollout over weeks

Progressive rollout

Shipping bugs is terrible for mobile development, it takes days to publish a fix and you have no way of forcing users to update the app. With Tggl you can test a feature on a small percentage of users before releasing it to everyone.

Pull the plug at any time if anything goes wrong, without requiring users to update their app.

Learn more about release management

ExperimentsImprove comversion rates with A/B testing

Powerful segmentation

Write segmentation rules as complex as you need them to be. Segment users by country, plan, device, app version, or any other custom trait you might need. Target specific users based on their ID, or a small percentage of them to tests new features.

Learn more about segmentation

Multivariate testing

With Tggl you can run hundreds of experiments at the same time and learn which combinations improve your KPIs the most out of all the possible combinations.

Stop relying on gut feeling and become data-driven.

Feature toggles for multivariate testing

A/B test anything you want

With Tggl, you can experiment with wordings, layouts, design elements, call-to-actions, content, features, pricing strategies, landing pages, payment processes, or any other changes that will help you reach your quarterly goals.

Learn more about A/B testing

Software developmentBuild your product, not a backoffice

You don't have to choose between spending time building a backoffice that adds no value to your clients and spending time changing things manually in the database or in the code. Tggl is a turn key solution to manage configuration through a UI.

Tggl UI

A UI for everyone

Non technical teams can use Tggl to make changes by themself through a beautiful interface. Developers can focus on building your product.

Instant updates

Instant updates

Instead of writing a ticket asking for changes and waiting for a developer to handle and deploy it, Tggl lets you make changes that instantly impact your app.

Safe by design

Safe by design

Tggl's unique approach lets anyone make changes within the boundaries set by developers without the fear of breaking anything.

PerformanceDon’t compromise on performance

Tggl is optimized for mobile devices, backends, and edge functions. You can get all the benefits of feature flags with no compromise on response time and interactivity.

A single API call

A single API call

Tggl requires just one API call at the start of a session to retrieve all flags for a user. Your code then simply checks the initial response.

Small payload

Tiny payload (<1kb)

Unlike other providers, Tggl's API responses are optimized for mobile devices with slow connexions.

Resilient by design

Resilient by design

Tggl ensures your app will never crash due to feature flags. In case of service disruption or network errors, it will simply fall back to a safe state.

Server-side evaluation

Server-side evaluation

Cache the configuration on your backend or use our proxy to locally evaluate flags for each user with no API calls and no overhead on your HTTP responses.

Runs on the edge

Runs on the edge

Evaluate flags directly on the edge with no API calls and serve customized pages that don’t blink when loaded.

Privacy first

Privacy first

Use the Tggl proxy and make sure your data never leaves your infrastructure. Host it close to your end user for even better performance.

Get started in 3 minutes

You can start experimenting with Tggl for free and get your first results in 3 minutes. It even comes with a great documentation, and SDKs for your favourite language!

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