Remote configurationControl your app instantly,
with no deployments

Making small changes should not require writing a ticket to a developer, changing and reviewing code, building and deploying your application, waiting for the App Store to review the changes, and waiting for users to update their app.

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Mobile developmentAccelerate your mobile development cycles

Tggl lets you instantly control your app, bypassing the slow and painful deployment cycles. Non-technical teams can safely update wordings, values, plan limits, or even colors and have their changes instantly impact users.

Bypass the app store review process

Hack the App-Store review process

Tired of waiting weeks for the App Store review process to validate your changes? With Tggl, you can hack the traditional app store review cycle, accelerating your development pace and decoupling your updates from lengthy approval timelines.

Control your mobile app remotely

Don’t wait for users to update their app

Why wait for users to update their app before enjoying the latest features? Tggl enables you to implement changes instantly, without relying on users to install updates. This means you can roll out enhancements and optimizations seamlessly, ensuring your users always have access to the best version of your app.

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Manage legacy versions

Managing legacy versions of your app can be complex, but not with Tggl. Whether you are supporting older devices or catering to specific user preferences, our remote configuration empowers you to fine-tune each version's performance and functionality.

Software developmentBuild your product, not a backoffice

You don't have to choose between spending time building a backoffice that adds no value to your clients and spending time changing things manually in the database or in the code. Tggl is a turn key solution to manage configuration through a UI.

Tggl UI

A UI for everyone

Non technical teams can use Tggl to make changes by themself through a beautiful interface. Developers can focus on building your product.

Instant updates

Instant updates

Instead of writing a ticket asking for changes and waiting for a developer to handle and deploy it, Tggl lets you make changes that instantly impact your app.

Safe by design

Safe by design

Tggl's unique approach lets anyone make changes within the boundaries set by developers without the fear of breaking anything.

What our clients have to say about us

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Tggl has allowed our product team to be completely autonomous regarding releases and work in a way that actually makes sense. It has drastically improved our ability to test and iterate on new features and has made our product more reliable and stable. Our collaboration with developers is much smoother now.
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Simon Guigue profile pictureSimon Guigue, Head of Product & Design @Stoïk

We value privacy and security

GRPR compliant

GDPR compliant

Tggl's robust data handling practices ensure GDPR compliance, safeguarding user privacy and data security.

Data stored in EU

Data stored in EU

Tggl securely stores data within the European Union, adhering to stringent data protection standards and regulations.

Your data dont reach our servers

Your data never reaches our servers

Use the open source Tggl proxy on your own infrastructure to ensure that your data never leaves your servers.

Two-factors authentification

Two-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to greatly improve your security posture on Tggl!

Custom roles

Custom roles

Assign granular access permissions to ensure the right people have the right access.

Feature flags history

Flag history

Precisely track what changes were made, who made them, and easily rollback to a previous configuration.

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