Tggl vs SplitIs Tggl really the best alternative to Split?

Users from both platforms tend to prefer Tggl for its user-friendly interface and its competitive pricing. In this article we will see why this makes Tggl the best Split alternative to manage releases, ship high-quality products and improve metrics with data.

Tggl & Split comparaison


Platform access

Pricing (5 seats)
$3 960/yr
Free trial
For product and tech


Unlimited feature flags & environments
Unlimited projects
From 490/yr
From $7 200/yr
Unlimited Monthly Active Users


Progressive rollout
Kill switch
A/B testing
Remote config
From $7 200/yr
From $7 200/yr
Custom roles and teams
From $7 200/yr
Advanced traffic splitting
From 490/yr
Unlisted pricing

Ease of useSplit is confusing

Tggl simply gets the job done much faster than Split. Here are some reviews and a side by side comparison for releasing a feature to 20% of users in France (see video below).

Configuration process a bit complex in the beginning, and for smaller experiments it's still dependent on developers to implement the feature flag.
Smaro A.
- UI was clunky and not always easy to follow
- cant enforce MFA
- support wasn't super helpful when trying to setup Datadog integration (we are using Datadog's Japan instance, which is relatively new)
Josh P.
for non or less technical individuals, it isnt the most user friendly tool always.
Verified UserEntertainment
See for yourself
Tggl Demo
Split Demo

PricingSplit is too expensive

Split's pricing starts off very high and increases steeply as your company grows. You get charged when you scale you team and when users use your app. Tggl pricing is simple and predictable, is more in line with your business, and is on average 50% cheaper than Split.

One aspect that stands out is the pricing. While offers exceptional value with its robust features and seamless integration, the pricing might be considered on the higher side for some users.
Siddharth B.
I would love to see pricing reviewed as I don't think they're incredibly competitive there.
Verified UserTransportation/Trucking/Railroad
The targetting rules can be a little confusing for newcomers and non-technical staff. There's a steep price jump for any of the paid features.
Omair V.

Top featuresWhy users love Tggl

Key Tggl features make it the best alternative to LaunchDarkly and provides the best user experience for Tech/Non-tech collaboration.

Progressive and scheduled releases

Progressive rollouts, precision beta testing, strategic scheduled releases, and seamless integration for flawless deployments and enhanced user satisfaction.

Discover our release management features

Non-techs can easily run experiments

Powerful segmentation, multivariate testing, and seamless integration with existing Analytics tools to improve metrics and achieve goals faster

Discover our AB Testing features

Your app can be controlled instantly

Instant behavior shaping, controlled adjustments, personalization, and seamless integration for unparalleled app evolution and user experience enhancement.

Discover our remote configuration features

Tggl is not just for developers

Unlike LaunchDarkly, Tggl was built for product-tech collaboration. Built a more cohesive team with more efficient processes.

Tggl for product teams

Get started in 3 minutes

You can start experimenting with Tggl for free and get your first results in 3 minutes. It even comes with a great documentation, and SDKs for your favourite language!

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What our clients have to say about us

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Tggl has allowed our product team to be completely autonomous regarding releases and work in a way that actually makes sense. It has drastically improved our ability to test and iterate on new features and has made our product more reliable and stable. Our collaboration with developers is much smoother now.
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Simon Guigue profile pictureSimon Guigue, Head of Product & Design @Stoïk