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Use feature flags to safely test in production, merge code faster, and optimize business metrics.

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DemoBuilt for developers everyone

Tggl is centered around product and tech collaboration. Developers can deploy code early behind a feature flag and let product teams manage releases on their own, within the safe boundaries they put in place.

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Use casesSoftware development best practices

Tggl helps your team adopt the best practices of modern software development. Whether you are working on improving your metrics, ensuring safe rollouts, or swiftly responding to challenges, Tggl equips you with the tools you need to streamline your development lifecycle.

Trunk based development

Release faster, safer

Decoupling code deployments from feature releases helps developers ship faster and empowers your entire organization to manage releases safely. Progressively rollout and instantly rollback when things go wrong.

Release management in depth
AB testing experiment traffic splitting

Run experiments

Adopt data-driven decision making by running experiments on your product in seconds. Improve things you did not even know could be improved, and reach your goals quicker.

Learn more about A/B testing
Improved collaboration for feature flags management

Improve collaboration

Reduce developers frustration by eliminating low-value repetitive tasks, and give your entire team the ability to control your product within their scope of work.

From people who use Tggl everyday

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I've been using AB tests from day one to take business decisions and Tggl was at the center of this strategy. The tech flexibility they provide (worker implementation, client side flag resolution, backend proxy, versioned library, type safety...) and their customer support make them extremely reliable and state of the art.
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Loïck Le Digabel profile pictureLoïck Le Digabel, CTPO & Co-founder @Slowy

Feature flagsBuild a more efficient team

Tggl was built for teams that need to move fast. Its carefully crafted interface will allow your entire team to change what features are active on your app at any given time.

No more lengthy deployment cycles just to push small changes. Since Tggl does not require any technical knowledge, your non-technical teams can take decisions on the spot without developers intervention.

Decoupled deployment and release cycles

For developersDeploy now, release later

Start adopting software development best practices with feature flags and trunk based development. Tggl allows you to deploy code when it is ready and safely test in production before releasing to your users.

Feature flags for developers
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For product teamsControl releases, improve KPIs

Take back control of your release process and improve your metrics with A/B testing. Iterate faster, make changes yourself, and let developers focus on shipping high-quality products.

Feature flags for product teams
Teams collaborate on Tggl

For operations and CSMEnhance operational efficiency

Tggl empowers you to optimize your operations by offering granular control over feature rollouts, fostering cross-team collaboration, and providing instant response mechanisms for incidents. It eliminates disruptions and guesswork, enabling smooth updates, effective planning, and enhanced client satisfaction.

Feature flags for operations and CSM

AnalyticsIntegrate smoothly with your existing analytics stack

Tggl is not yet another platform that your data team has to manage, it integrates nicely with your existing tools and processes so people do not have to change the way they work.

We value privacy and security

GRPR compliant

GDPR compliant

Tggl's robust data handling practices ensure GDPR compliance, safeguarding user privacy and data security.

Data stored in EU

Data stored in EU

Tggl securely stores data within the European Union, adhering to stringent data protection standards and regulations.

Your data dont reach our servers

Your data never reaches our servers

Use the open source Tggl proxy on your own infrastructure to ensure that your data never leaves your servers.

Two-factors authentification

Two-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to greatly improve your security posture on Tggl!

Custom roles

Custom roles

Assign granular access permissions to ensure the right people have the right access.

Feature flags history

Flag history

Precisely track what changes were made, who made them, and easily rollback to a previous configuration.

Take control over your release process

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