Tggl vs UnleashWhat makes Tggl the best alternative to Unleash?

Tech and Product teams find that its intuitive interface makes Tggl the best alternative to Unleash to ship code faster, control releases and improve KPIs.

Tggl & Unleash comparaison


Platform access

Free trial
30 days
14 days
Hosted solution starts at
Open source
SDKs, engine, and proxy
Very limited features
For product and tech


Unlimited feature flags
Unlimited Monthly Active Users
Unlimited environments
Unlisted pricing
Platform setup
3 minutes
Tedious and time consuming


Progressive rollout
Kill switch
A/B testing
User stickiness
From $960/yr
Custom roles and teams
Unlisted pricing
Advanced traffic splitting
JSON editor for flags


Premium support
From $960/yr
Help center
From $960/yr

Ease of useUnleash is too complicated

Unleash comes with a steep learning curve. It is very confusing at first, making its adoption by non-technical people very poor.

Lack of filtering. It's quite often use case to filter by author, but I cannot do it. Monitoring is quite poor. I'd expect to have more powerful analytics available
Kirill M.Senior Software Engineer
Sometimes it is confusing for us to understand the differences in similar rollout strategies.
Marta S.Product Manager
I think it would be great for it to clearer how to do A/B testing releases on the platform, and how to get insights out of those A/B tests.
David P.Product Manager
See for yourself
Tggl Demo
Unleash Demo

PricingUnleash is more expensive

While the self hosted plan of Unleash looks appealing at first, it has very limited features and will force you to move to the paid plan that starts at €960/yr. On the other hand, Tggl starts at €180/yr and grows with you much more comfortably.

Top featuresWhy users who use Tggl love it?

Key Tggl features make it the best alternative to LaunchDarkly and provides the best user experience for Tech/Non-tech collaboration.

Progressive and scheduled releases

Progressive rollouts, precision beta testing, strategic scheduled releases, and seamless integration for flawless deployments and enhanced user satisfaction.

Discover our release management features

Non-techs can easily run experiments

Powerful segmentation, multivariate testing, and seamless integration with existing Analytics tools to improve metrics and achieve goals faster

Discover our AB Testing features

Your app can be controlled instantly

Instant behavior shaping, controlled adjustments, personalization, and seamless integration for unparalleled app evolution and user experience enhancement.

Discover our remote configuration features

Tggl is not just for developers

Unlike LaunchDarkly, Tggl was built for product-tech collaboration. Built a more cohesive team with more efficient processes.

Tggl for product teams

Get started in 3 minutes

You can start experimenting with Tggl for free and get your first results in 3 minutes. It even comes with a great documentation, and SDKs for your favourite language!

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What our clients have to say about us

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We chose Tggl as part of our strategy to improve our release process and reliability as we grow. We were using config files and database values as a homemade solution, and the switch to Tggl was surprisingly swift and their technical support very responsive. It has streamlined our release process pretty much instantly and has become our go-to tool for pure technical work like smooth technology migrations and kill switches. It is now an integral part of our workflow.
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Brice Flaceliere profile pictureBrice Flaceliere, Staff software engineer @Sellsy