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Tggl lets you ship features faster by improving tech / product collaboration and reduce the risk of shipping bugs. The flexibility of feature flags allows you to give a customized experience to each client.

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Release managementIndustry best practices for software delivery

Progressive rollout over weeks

Minimize risk by gradually introducing features

Avoid "big bang" releases and gradually introduce new features to a small amount of users. Monitor the impact of the new features and roll them out to more users as you gain confidence.

Learn more about progressive rollout
Disable features instantly

Aim for perfection, prepare for failure

When releasing risky features, you should always have a way to pull the plug if anything goes wrong. Tggl lets you disable features instantly, without making changes to the code and deploying a new version.

How kill switches work?
Plan releases in advance

Stick to your roadmap

While developers focus on building the next big thing, product teams can safely manage and plan releases in advance. Tggl gives autonomy and freedom to product managers.

See how to plan releases in advance
Beta testing with users

Stress free releases

Lots of things can go wrong in software development, our job is to make sure you are prepared when the worst happens.

Learn more about safe delivery

A/B testingImprove conversion rates and revenue

Powerful targeting

Target users based on who they are, the plan they are on, the country they operate in, or any other business metric that you have.

Learn more about segmentation

Run many experiments

Testing on actual users is the best way to improve your numbers with iterative changes.

Tggl allows your team to run hundreds of experiments at the same time and pick the winning combination.

Feature toggles for multivariate testing

A/B test small or big things

Tggl is not limited to simple on/off experiments. You can play with wordings, layouts, design elements, call-to-actions, content, features, pricing strategies, landing pages, payment processes, or any other changes that will help you reach your quarterly goals.

Learn more about A/B testing

Software developmentBuild your product, not a backoffice

You don't have to choose between spending time building a backoffice that adds no value to your clients and spending time changing things manually in the database or in the code. Tggl is a turn key solution to manage configuration through a UI.

Tggl UI

A UI for everyone

Non technical teams can use Tggl to make changes by themself through a beautiful interface. Developers can focus on building your product.

Instant updates

Instant updates

Instead of writing a ticket asking for changes and waiting for a developer to handle and deploy it, Tggl lets you make changes that instantly impact your app.

Safe by design

Safe by design

Tggl's unique approach lets anyone make changes within the boundaries set by developers without the fear of breaking anything.

What our clients have to say about us

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Being able to activate a feature for a client because of a plan change or a beta testing plan ourselves was life changing for our Customer Success team. No need to wait for the tech team to operate, increasing our customer satisfaction and solidifying our relationship.
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Cyriane Ruslier profile pictureCyriane Ruslier, Customer Success Manager @Equify

We value privacy and security

GRPR compliant

GDPR compliant

Tggl's robust data handling practices ensure GDPR compliance, safeguarding user privacy and data security.

Data stored in EU

Data stored in EU

Tggl securely stores data within the European Union, adhering to stringent data protection standards and regulations.

Your data dont reach our servers

Your data never reaches our servers

Use the open source Tggl proxy on your own infrastructure to ensure that your data never leaves your servers.

Two-factors authentification

Two-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to greatly improve your security posture on Tggl!

Custom roles

Custom roles

Assign granular access permissions to ensure the right people have the right access.

Feature flags history

Flag history

Precisely track what changes were made, who made them, and easily rollback to a previous configuration.

Take control over your release process

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