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Take back control of your release process and improve your metrics with A/B testing. Iterate faster, make changes yourself, and let developers focus on shipping high-quality products.

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Release managementRelease on your own terms

Tggl helps product teams manage releases autonomously without the risk of breaking things. No need for lengthy code reviews and deployment cycles, instantly control your app right from Tggl's dashboard.

You are in charge of your releases, not your developers. Choose who sees which features, when, and under which conditions.

Schedule releases in advance

Schedule releases in advance

Plan all your release dates in advance with confidence. With Tggl no need to synchronize multiple teams and risk breaking things, simply set a date and time and forget about it.

Scheduling feature rollouts
Progressively rollout

Progressively rollout

Stop big-bang releases and gradually release new features to a small portion of users. This way, if something unexpected happens, only a tiny percentage of users are actually impacted.

Minimizing risk with feature flags
Decouple releases from development cycles

Decouple releases from development cycles

With Tggl you control precisely when a feature is released to your users. No need to wait for the next release cycle, simply release when you are ready.

Bypass of the app store review process through feature flags

Bypass the App Store review process

Decouple releasing features from the slow and uncertain App Store review cycles. Release features according to your own agenda, across all users simultaneously, or target a specific population.

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Quality assuranceShip high-quality products

Stop blindly deploying code to production hoping that it works as intended. External services, real-world data, environment variables, memory size... many differences exist between staging and production environments, each one being a potential source of unforeseen bugs.

Beta testing

Beta testing

Precisely select who can see your feature based on email pattern, name, ID, plan, or any other business logic you might have.

One-click rollback

One-click rollback

Something is not behaving as expected? Simply disable the feature right from the Tggl interface and stop issues from escalating. This process is immediate and does not require the intervention of a developer.

Audit trail

Audit trail

See exactly what, who, and when flags were changed. Understand your data and correlate results.

ExperimentsImprove your metrics with data

Tggl lets you test different versions of the same feature live in production with A/B test. You can then compare your conversion rates to see which version performs the best for your business to reach your goals.

Improve things you did not know could be improved

With Tggl you can experiment with wordings, design, landing pages, features, call-to-actions, content, pricing plans, or payment, and reach your goals faster than you expected.

Learn more about A/B testing

Run hundreds of experiments at the same time

Tggl lets you run many experiments simultaneously, allowing you to improve your metrics across the board much faster.

Multiple experiments through Tggl feature flag tool

Time-box your experiments

Schedule and constrain your experiments in time so you know when to go from collecting data to acting on it.

What our clients have to say about us

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Tggl has allowed our product team to be completely autonomous regarding releases and work in a way that actually makes sense. It has drastically improved our ability to test and iterate on new features and has made our product more reliable and stable. Our collaboration with developers is much smoother now.
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Simon Guigue profile pictureSimon Guigue, Head of Product & Design @Stoïk

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