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Daily active users


Daily Active Users (DAU) is a key performance metric used by digital services, particularly mobile and web applications, to measure the number of unique users who interact with the service within a 24-hour period. It provides insights into the app's daily engagement level, helping businesses gauge the product's health, user retention, and overall appeal.


Understanding DAU is crucial for businesses to evaluate the daily utilization of their digital products. It helps in monitoring user engagement trends, identifying patterns or anomalies in daily usage, and assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns or feature updates. DAU is often used in conjunction with Monthly Active Users (MAU) to calculate the stickiness ratio (DAU/MAU), which indicates how often users return to the app within a month.


DAU is calculated by counting the total number of unique users who have engaged with the app or service over a 24-hour period. Engagement can be defined differently depending on the service but typically includes actions such as opening the app, performing a specific activity, or generating some form of interaction.

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Daily Active Users (DAU) is a vital metric for digital products, providing essential insights into daily user engagement and the overall health of the application. By effectively analyzing and responding to DAU trends, businesses can refine their strategies to enhance user satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, the success of their digital offerings.


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