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The term "above-fold" refers to the portion of a webpage visible to a user without scrolling. Originally derived from newspaper publishing, where the most important stories are placed above the fold of the paper, the concept has been adapted for digital use to emphasize the importance of first impressions on websites and apps. In the digital context, "above-fold" content is critical because it is the first thing users see upon visiting a website. It plays a significant role in user engagement, as it can influence a visitor's decision to stay or leave. Ensuring the most vital information, engaging content, and intuitive navigation options are placed above-fold is key to improving user experience and conversion rates.


Best Practices


The above-fold area of a website is crucial for making a strong first impression and engaging users from the moment they arrive. By focusing on visibility, engagement, and simplicity, and adhering to best practices in design and user experience, businesses can significantly improve their website's effectiveness, leading to higher engagement rates, better conversion rates, and ultimately, success in achieving their online goals.

Average order value

AOV in eCommerce and retail measures average spending per order, vital for pricing strategies and business profitability through tactics like upselling and loyalty programs.

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Below-fold refers to the webpage portion hidden from view without scrolling, essential for delivering supplementary information and enhancing user engagement beyond the initial viewport.

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Daily active users

Daily Active Users (DAU) measures the unique users engaging with a digital service daily, indicating app engagement, user retention, and product appeal.

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