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Progressive rollouts


Progressive rollouts are a deployment strategy in software development where new features, updates, or changes are gradually released to a growing audience over time. This method minimizes risks and allows for careful monitoring and feedback collection at each stage of the release.



  1. Segmented Deployment: Begin with a small segment of the user base and progressively increase the reach.
  2. Continuous Monitoring: Monitor the rollout closely, tracking key performance indicators and user feedback.
  3. Feedback Integration: Use insights gathered to refine and optimize the feature or update.
  4. Staged Expansion: Gradually expand the rollout, adjusting strategies based on the ongoing analysis.

Key Features

Best Practices


Progressive rollouts are a strategic approach to deploying software changes, offering a balance between innovation and stability. By enabling gradual exposure and incorporating real-time feedback, they ensure that new features and updates are both user-friendly and technically sound. Learn more about release management.

Percentage rollouts

Releasing a feature to a certain percentage of users.

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Release management

The process of managing, planning, scheduling, and controlling a software build through different stages and environments.

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Rollback strategies

Plans for quickly reverting changes in case of an issue with a new release.

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