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Gradual rollouts


Gradual rollouts are a technique in software deployment where new features or updates are released incrementally to a progressively larger audience. This method allows developers to test and refine changes in real-world environments with minimized risk.



  1. Segmented User Groups: Identify and define different user segments for the rollout.
  2. Incremental Release: Start with a small user group and gradually expand the reach.
  3. Monitoring and Analysis: Continuously monitor the rollout and analyze its impact.
  4. Feedback Integration: Use feedback to make adjustments and improvements.

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Gradual rollouts are an essential strategy in modern software development, providing a safer and more data-informed approach to deploying new features and updates. By allowing for controlled exposure and continuous feedback, they ensure that software enhancements are optimized for performance and user satisfaction. Learn more about release management.

Flag-driven release

Using feature flags to manage and control the release process.

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Percentage rollouts

Releasing a feature to a certain percentage of users.

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Progressive rollouts

Slowly rolling out a feature to incrementally increase the user base over time.

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