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Feature flag management platforms


Feature flag management platforms are specialized tools that help in creating, managing, and retiring feature flags in software applications. These platforms offer a centralized system for controlling feature rollouts, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for introducing new features or changes.



  1. Flag Creation: Easily create and configure feature flags.
  2. Flag Management: Toggle features on or off, and configure rules for their activation.
  3. Monitoring and Reporting: Monitor the usage and impact of features, and generate reports.

Key Features

Best Platforms

  1. Tggl: one of the cheapest and more intuitive platforms on the market. Ideal to get started and scale your usage within your team.
  2. LaunchDarkly: another popular platforms on the market. It's main downside are its high prices for medium to large teams and its outdated interface.
  3. Unleash: an open-source alternative to Tggl and LaunchDarkly.The setup is a bit more involved and its interface can be very confusing.


Feature flag management platforms are essential for any team implementing feature flags at scale. They provide the necessary tools and infrastructure to manage complex feature flag ecosystems efficiently, ensuring that new features can be rolled out and managed with minimal risk and maximum control.

Feature flag analytics

Using data analytics to understand the impact and performance of a feature using feature flags.

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Feature switch

Another common name for feature flags.

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Feature toggle

Also known as feature flag or feature switch.

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