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Feature toggle


Feature toggles, also known as feature flags, are a technique in software development enabling developers to activate or deactivate certain features without changing the code. This method facilitates various development processes, such as A/B testing, canary releases, and gradual rollouts.



  1. Toggle Implementation: Embed toggles in the codebase to control feature availability.
  2. Toggle Management: Use a management system to handle the state of each feature toggle.
  3. Evaluation and Adjustment: Continuously assess the impact of toggled features and make adjustments as needed.

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Feature toggles are a cornerstone in agile software development, providing flexibility and control in feature management. This approach helps in faster, safer, and more responsive software development, adapting quickly to user needs and market changes.

Feature switch

Another common name for feature flags.

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Best practices for naming feature flags to ensure clarity and consistency.

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Kill switches

Mechanisms to quickly disable a feature or functionality in production.

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