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Dark launching


Dark launching is a technique in software development where new features are silently released to a subset of users without their knowledge. This approach allows developers to test functionalities in production environments and gather data before a full-scale public release.



  1. Feature Implementation: Develop and integrate new features into the production environment.
  2. Selective Exposure: Release the feature to a limited audience, often unbeknownst to them.
  3. Data Collection and Analysis: Monitor usage, gather data, and evaluate the feature's performance and stability.

Key Features

Best Practices


Dark launching is a strategic approach that allows for the careful introduction of new features in a live environment, minimizing risks and ensuring that any major updates meet user expectations and system requirements effectively.

Canary release

Gradually rolling out changes to a small subset of users to test and validate before a full deployment.

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Feature lifecycle management

The process of managing the introduction, operation, and retirement of features.

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Flag-driven release

Using feature flags to manage and control the release process.

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