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Trunk-based development


Trunk-based development is a software development approach where all developers work on a single branch, known as the 'trunk'. This method emphasizes continuous integration and short-lived feature branches, if any, to enhance collaboration and reduce integration challenges.



  1. Single Source of Truth: Use the trunk as the primary branch for all development work.
  2. Short-Lived Branches: Create feature branches for specific features or fixes, merging them back into the trunk quickly.
  3. Regular Commits: Encourage developers to commit changes to the trunk frequently.
  4. Automated Testing: Implement automated tests to validate changes as they are integrated.

Key Features

Best Practices


Trunk-based development is a powerful approach that promotes a more collaborative and efficient workflow in software development. By focusing on a single source of truth and regular integration, teams can achieve faster, more reliable releases, and maintain a high standard of code quality. See how to improve your tech team efficency with feature flags and trunk based development.

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