With Tggl, receive immediate Slack notifications whenever there's a change to a flag, and ensure your team stays informed and up-to-date effortlessly.

Slack integration screenshot

How to enable the Slack integration

To enable the Slack integration and receive notification, go to Settings > Integrations from your Tggl dashboard and click on "Add to Slack":

Slack integration

You will be redirected to Slack's authorization page, where you'll be asked to select the workspace you want to connect to Tggl. Choose a workspace and click on "Allow":

Select slack workspace

You will be redirected back to Tggl, where you'll be asked to select the channel you want to receive notifications in. Choose a channel and click on "Save":

Select slack channel

Tggl can only send notifications to public channels. If you cannot find a channel in the list, make sure it's public.

Each time a flag is modified, Tggl ensures that a notification is promptly sent to your selected Slack channel, keeping everyone informed in real time.