If you are currently using LaunchDarkly to manage your feature flags, you can switch to a more robust solution like Tggl in only a few clicks.

Importing your flags

1. Start the workflow

Go to the LaunchDarkly import page and click "Import" to start the import workflow.

Lauchdarkly import screen 2x

2. Get your token

You will be asked to input your LaunchDarkly token:

Launchdarkly input token 2x

This token will be used to fetch your flags. To create a token, go to your LaunchDarkly dashboard and click on the "Create token" button:


You will only have to do this step once, future import can be done directly in Tggl.

3. Select your flags

Select the flags you want to import. By default, all flags are selected, but you can unselect the ones you don't want to import into Tggl.

Launchdarkly select flags 2x

4. Check your flags

Each flag can take a few seconds to import. When a flag is marked as "imported", you can click on it to see the flag details.

Launch darkly imported flags 2x

We strongly recommend checking the flags to ensure that they have been imported correctly.

Re-importing flags

You can re-import your flags or import new flags at any time by clicking on the "import more flags" button.

Re-importing flags will update the existing flags in Tggl with the latest values from LaunchDarkly. You can check the flag's history to see the changes that have been made for each import.